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1. Sales elite


1. Gender: male or female, 18-35 years old, college degree or above, those who are engaged in the SMT product industry will be admitted first, and those with good sales performance in certain fields will be preferred.

2. Have basic language organization skills and communication and coordination skills, with sales ideas and basic skills.

3. Have an insight into the market, be able to independently develop customer resources, be passionate about work, willing to invest, have a strong learning ability, have a strong sense of purpose and responsibility, be honest and trustworthy, and have a high loyalty to the company.

4. Salary interview.

Two, business documentary


1. Those with business experience are preferred.

2. Assist in daily communication and information transfer between business and customers.

3. Track production progress, can independently deal with various problems in order follow-up work, have strong adaptability, can maintain good communication skills with the factory and customers, and coordinate matters between the factory and customers.

4. Salary is negotiable.

2. Maintenance technician


1. Those with relevant experience in SMT and BGA maintenance are preferred.

2. Have the basic ability to independently maintain, and professional skills can be learned on the job.

3. Have a strong sense of responsibility and dare to challenge difficulties.

other requirements:

Good health, able to bear hardships and stand hard work, good moral character, no bad habits, and relevant work experience above are preferred.