BGA ball

BGA ball

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There are two methods for BGA ball planting. A simple understanding is to do manual patch proofing for the bga area. There are two main methods currently used, and the details are as follows:

Solder paste + solder ball: manual patch proofing This is the best and most standard ball planting method. The ball planted by this method has good solderability and good gloss, and there will be no running balls during the melting process. , It is easier to control and hold. The specific method is to first print with solder paste on the BGA pad, and then add a certain size of solder ball on it.At this time, the role of the solder paste is to stick the solder ball and let the solder ball contact when heating. The surface is larger, so that the solder ball can be heated faster and more comprehensively, which makes the solder ball and the BGA pad solder better after melting, and reduces the possibility of false soldering.

"Solder Paste" + "Sn Ball": Through the above explanation, the meaning of this sentence can be easily understood. Simply put, this method is to use solder paste to replace the role of solder paste. However, the characteristics of the solder paste are very different from those of the solder paste. The solder paste will become liquid when the temperature rises, which will easily cause the solder balls to run around; in addition, the solder paste has poor solderability, so use The first method is ideal for planting the ball. Of course, both of these methods require special tools such as ball sockets to complete.