Manual patch proofing

Manual patch proofing

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With the continuous improvement of science and technology, it is obvious that many electronic devices now have higher and higher component density and more and more complex circuit boards. This also means that the difficulty of manual patching is getting higher and higher. In this case Faced with a large number of manual placement and proofing work, companies must increase the pass rate of manual placement in order to complete the work with quality and quantity. Today, I will talk about how to improve the pass rate.

First of all, in the actual operation of manual patch proofing, smt screens often appear because the edges are very sharp, and as a result, the old screen wipes are scratched. This requires rework and may also cause defects, so in order to eliminate In this case, porous wiping materials can be selected, and in actual operations, the open structure wiping paper can better capture the solder balls.

Second, it is also very important to clean the bottom of the screen during patch processing. If the cleaning is not thorough and does not meet the standard, the solder paste may stick to the wall of the hole, which directly leads to a decrease in the pass rate of manual patch proofing, so An effective cleaning solvent should be found before the operation. The solvent must not only cause damage to the screen printing machine, but also efficiently clean the bottom of the screen.

Third, the appropriate increase of coating in the production line is also a way to increase the pass rate of manual patch proofing. It will still lead to a decrease in the work efficiency of the patch. For manual patch work, it is very common to process a large number of manual patch proofing work. Therefore, the production efficiency cannot be reduced because the qualified rate is increased. The coating can be used to print seven or eight circuit boards before cleaning.

The points mentioned just now are the methods to improve the pass rate when performing manual placement and proofing. In fact, according to the production line of the specific enterprise and the situation of employees, there are many ways to improve the pass rate of manual placement. The focus is to improve the pass rate at the same time. Can not lead to a decline in production efficiency, otherwise it will also affect the overall efficiency of the enterprise.