Engineering model patch

Engineering model patch

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The engineering sample patch is a type of patch, which is mainly used for engineering testing. It has a higher environment than the ordinary model patch. So what are the environmental requirements for SMT patch proofing? Let's take a look at this issue together:

First of all, in terms of power supply, generally in the process of SMT patch proofing, the power of the power supply must be greater than twice or even more than the required power consumption. As for the air source, it is generally required to configure a clean and dry air source with a pressure greater than about seven kilograms per cubic centimeter.

Secondly, in the exhaust system, the exhaust fan of the reflow soldering and wave soldering equipment must be installed on the engineering sample patch. For all hot blast stoves, the minimum flow rate of the exhaust duct is about 500 cubic feet per minute. For the pipes required for compressed air, dust removal and water removal must be done, and it is best to use stainless steel or pressure-resistant plastic pipes.

Finally, it is also a more important point. For temperature, in the production workshop of SMT patch proofing, the temperature must be kept at about 23 degrees Celsius. In terms of humidity, it is generally necessary to make special settings according to the actual size of the workshop, and the entire The process must be monitored in real time.

For the above requirements, I believe everyone isEngineering model patchThere will be a new understanding of the requirements of the environment. In addition to these basic knowledge, choosing a professional and regular manufacturer to cooperate is also a key to ensuring quality, so customers should pay more attention when choosing.