SMT patch proofing factory

SMT patch proofing factory

Product Details

SMT patch proofing is a small-batch SMT patch trial production verification test performed by customers due to the design requirements of new products to ensure that the product design meets the expected design requirements. Generally, the number of SMT proofings is 30. Below, the common problems in SMT patch proofing also need to be paid attention to, which leads to the failure of patch processing or the high rate of defective patch processing.

1. There are no mark points and process edges on the PCB board. It will cause the PCB components on the track side of the SMT placement machine to fail to be pasted. The lack of mark points leads to low correction accuracy for the small position of the PCB board.

2. The SMD components cannot correspond to the SMD pads on the PCB board. For example, the patch pad pitch is too wide or too narrow to match the patch components.

3. There are vias on the patch pads.

4. The components with different directions are not clearly marked.

5. The bit number of the patch image or the bit number of the silk screen on the PCB is not clear.

6. There is a conflict between the BOM of the same position of SMT patch proofing and the bit number of the patch map.

7. If the precision of the chip resistor is 1%, please clearly indicate it in the BOM. If not marked, 5% will be used by default.

8. When SMT chip components are to be produced in large quantities, 3-5% spare parts are provided. In the proofing and small batch production, it is necessary to provide sufficient spare parts. Otherwise, the tail can not be cleared, and the shipping will be empty.