SMT Proofing Trial Production

SMT Proofing Trial Production

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Precautions for SMT proofing trial production:

SMT proofing trial production refers to the small batch trial production after the proofing acceptance is qualified, that is to say, it has not officially entered the mass production stage. There may be some problems in this process, so you should pay special attention to the production during the trial production. In order to ensure the quality of the trial production, the detailed precautions are as follows:

1. Confirmation of test fixtures: Confirm the conditions of test fixtures and test accessories before production; collection of previous problem points;

2. Special material confirmation: confirm the abnormal materials before production, and confirm the materials in one field;

3. First article confirmation:

A, SMT proofing and trial production make a simple understanding and testing of the first piece, and check the relevant first piece record;

B, check whether the previous problem occurred again and whether the hand was improved;

C, confirm whether the previous process and process need to be improved;

4. Analysis and confirmation of defective products;

Make a simple analysis of the defective products, understand the main defective distribution and the main causes, and try to improve it;

5. Information feedback

A, SMT production problem points are fed back to the person in charge of the biotechnology model to remind them;

Collection of assembly problem points in factory B, feedback to the person in charge, and request for improvement;