PCB model making

PCB model making

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Everyone is no stranger to making PCB prototypes. It can be said that all electronic products will be used. If you want to make a complex and truly professional PCB model board, it does not mean that you can just draw a PCB diagram and send it to the factory, but you need to go through strict screening. This is the good and the best way to determine the quality of the PCB model board. Bad, so today we will talk about the things that should be paid attention to when playing board! This article first talks about the most commonly used-single panel!

Single sidePCB model makingThe pre-schematic design is the preparatory work. When drawing the schematic, the hierarchical design should pay attention to the connection of the various files into a whole at the end, which also has important significance for the future work. Due to software differences, some software may appear to be connected but not actually connected (in terms of electrical performance). If you don’t use related testing tools, in case something goes wrong, it’s too late to find out when the board is ready. Therefore, the importance of doing things in order has been repeatedly emphasized, and I hope to attract everyone's attention.

The schematic diagram is based on the designed project, as long as the electrical connection is correct, we will summarize some of the "sequence" before boarding.

Making the physical frame-the introduction of electronic components and networks-the layout of the components-wiring-adjustment and perfection-checking and verifying the network

The compact and effective expansion of each order can better produce effective services and products, and each link must be set up to check points, so as to ensure the quality of PCB prototypes.