R & D model patch

R & D model patch

Product Details

The research and development of model patches is a patching method that many companies currently choose, but they must have basic data and information before selecting the corresponding services. The specific can be divided into the following aspects:

1. The information to be provided is as follows:

1. Detailed and accurate BOM table.

2, Need to open the imposition stencil and provide the imposition Gerber document.

3. PCB file (to ensure the customer's information, it is recommended that the customer delete the inner layer when sending the PCB board file, leaving only the TOP surface and the BOT surface).

Second, open steel mesh on behalf of:

1. The cost of opening a steel mesh on behalf of the company starts at 100 yuan. If you need to open an imposition steel mesh, please provide the imposition documents. The cost will be re-approved according to different points.

2. The default size of the steel mesh is 370*470mm, other sizes need to be quoted separately.

3. If you want to return the steel mesh, you must confirm it when you place the order. If there is no special statement, it will be deemed that the steel mesh does not need to be returned; additional fees will be charged for returning the steel mesh.

3. Material requirements:

1. Customers need to prepare their own materials, and develop sample patches. For some materials that are relatively easy to wear, such as resistors and capacitors, more materials need to be prepared

2. If the materials provided by the customer are not complete and do not need to be welded, please list the details.

3. There are special requirements and precautions during the production of the product, please send a document to explain in advance.

4. In order to ensure the quality of product soldering, all the samples of our company use lead solder paste soldering by default. If you need lead-free solder paste soldering, please submit in advance.

5. The steel mesh provided by the customer can be accepted, but it must be intact to avoid quality damage