SMT laser steel mesh

SMT laser steel mesh

Product Details

The stencil was originally made of wire mesh, so it is also called a stencil. At first it was a nylon (polysein) net. Later, due to its durability, barbed wire netting, copper wire netting appeared, and finally stainless steel wire netting appeared. However, no matter what the material of the screen is, there are disadvantages of poor molding and low precision.

With the development of surface mount technology, SMT patch proofing has higher and higher requirements for stencils. Surface mount laser stencils will be affected by the cost of materials and the difficulty of production. The initial stencils are made of iron/copper plates. But also because of its corrosiveness, stainless steel mesh replaced the original steel mesh (SMT steel mesh). Laser steel mesh template is currently the most commonly used template in the SMT steel mesh industry, and the steel mesh cutting adopts German LPKF imported laser equipment.

The characteristics of laser stencils are: direct use of data files for production, reducing production errors; SMT template opening positions have high accuracy; SMT template openings have geometric shapes, which can be used for printing and forming paste. There are a group of stencil engineers with many years of experience who combine customer requirements with excellent software. The opening data of the stencil can be designed and modified according to different requirements for unique lying products, thus solving the problem of the placement process. Virtual welding, soldering, tin bead and other issues. As well as other undesirable phenomena, it is a key step to ensure that customers smoothly from solder paste to reflow soldering in the production process.

SMT template, laser steel mesh, SMT laser steel mesh, etc. have the following characteristics:

1. The position of the hole is accurate, the hole wall is free of burrs, and the shape of the hole is designed according to different products;

2. The thickness of the steel plate is 0.10-0.20 mm, which is suitable for all kinds of solder paste and red glue printing;

There are two kinds of cage sizes, ordinary and special, and special specifications can be made according to customer requirements;

Material benefits:

1. The steel plate is made of 304 stainless steel, flat, with a hardness of about 410, and a carbon content of less than 0.08;

2. Sticking mesh, solvent-resistant cleaning AB glue, can firmly fix the joint between the steel plate and the mesh;

3. Mesh and high-tension Taiduolong mesh, the tension is stable above 40 Newton, it is not easy to long-term off-screen printing;

4. Aluminum frame and aluminum alloy frame, the tube wall is thicker, and the degree of tension is similar to that of the cast iron solid frame, reaching high tension without deformation;