Crystal oscillator

Crystal oscillator

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Quartz crystal oscillator is a high-precision and high-stability oscillator. It is widely used in color TVs, computers, remote control and other oscillator circuits and frequency generators in communication systems to generate clock signals for data processing equipment and provide references for specific systems signal.

SMT patch proofingA quartz crystal oscillator is a resonant device made of the piezoelectric effect of a quartz crystal (quartz crystal). Its basic composition is roughly as follows: at a certain azimuth angle (called a wafer, which can be square, rectangular or circular) from a quartz crystal Cut the thin slices from the top, and apply a layer of silver as electrodes on the corresponding two surfaces. Each electrode welds a lead to the pin, plus the package shell to form a quartz crystal resonator, called a quartz crystal or crystal , Crystals. Its products are usually packaged in metal boxes, as well as glass boxes, ceramic or plastic.

1. General purpose crystal oscillator, used in various circuits to generate oscillation frequency.

2. Quartz crystal resonators for clock pulses are used in conjunction with other components to generate standard pulse signals, which are widely used in digital circuits.

3. Quartz crystal resonator for microprocessor.

4. Quartz crystal resonator for CTVVTR.

5. Quartz crystal oscillator for watches.