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Resistors are usually directly referred to as resistors in daily life. It is a current-limiting component. When the resistor is connected to the circuit, the resistance value of the resistor is generally two fixed pins, and it can limit the amount of current through its connection branch. The resistance that cannot be changed is called a fixed resistance. Variable resistors are called potentiometers or variable resistors. The ideal resistance is linear, that is, the instantaneous current through the resistance is proportional to the instantaneous voltage applied. Variable resistors for voltage distribution. On the exposed resistor, press one or two detachable metal contacts.

The contact position of the PCBA proofing patch determines the resistance between the two ends of the resistor and the contact. The terminal voltage and current have a definite functional relationship, reflecting the conversion of the power of the second terminal device represented by the letter r in ohm form into other forms of power.

Actual devices, such as bulbs, filaments, resistors, etc., can be represented by resistive elements. The resistance value of a resistance element is generally related to temperature, material, length and cross-sectional area. The physical quantity that temperature affects the resistance value is the temperature coefficient, which is defined as the percentage change of the resistance value for each increase in temperature. 1 degree Celsius. The main physical characteristic of a resistor is the conversion of electrical energy into heat, or it can be said to be an energy-consuming element, through which current generates internal energy. Resistor usually plays the role of differential and shunt in the circuit.

PCBA proofing patch can pass resistance for signals, both AC and DC signals. Capacitors, usually simply called capacitors, can hold electric charges and are represented by the letter C. Definition 1: A capacitor, as its name implies, is a "charged container", a device that can hold electric charges. English name: Capacitor. Capacitors are one of the electronic components used in electronic equipment, and are widely used in circuits such as crossover, coupling, bypass, filtering, tuning loops, energy conversion, and control.

Definition 2: A capacitor, any two insulated and close to each other conductors (including wires) constitute a capacitor.