• IC chip

    IC chipMost people have heard that it is a kind of part used in electronic products. If the central processContact Now

  • inductance

    inductanceInductor is an element that can convert electrical energy into magnetic energy and store it. The strContact Now

  • Electronic Component

    Electronic ComponentIt is electronic components and small motors, instruments and meters. They are often composed of mulContact Now

  • Resistor-capacitor

    Resistor-capacitorResistors are usually directly referred to as resistors in daily life. It is a current-limiting compContact Now

  • Two triode

    Two triodeThere are many types of diodes, which can be divided into germanium tubes and silicon tubes accordinContact Now

  • Crystal oscillator

    Crystal oscillatorQuartz crystal oscillator is a high-precision and high-stability oscillator. It is widely used in coContact Now