HDI circuit board

HDI circuit board

Product Details

HDI is the abbreviation of High Density Interconnector. It is a kind of (technology) for the production of printed circuit boards. It uses micro-blind and buried via technology for a circuit board with a relatively high line distribution density. SMT proofing trial production HDI is a compact product designed for small-capacity users. It adopts modular design that can be connected in parallel. One module has a capacity of 1000VA (1U height) and is naturally cooled. It can be directly placed in a 19” rack, and up to 6 modules can be connected in parallel. The product uses full digital signal processing (DSP) technology and multiple Patented technology, with full range of adaptable load capacity and strong short-term overload capacity, regardless of load power factor and crest factor.

While electronic design is constantly improving the performance of the whole machine, it is also working hard to reduce its size. In small portable products ranging from mobile phones to smart weapons,&"Small GG" is an eternal pursuit. HDI circuit boards can make terminal product designs more compact, while meeting higher standards of electronic performance and efficiency. HDI is currently widely used in mobile phones, digital (camcorder) cameras, notebook computers, AI smart devices, artificial intelligence robots, etc., automotive electronics and other digital products, among which mobile phones are the most widely used. HDI boards are generally manufactured by the build-up method. The more build-up times, the higher the technical grade of the board. Ordinary HDI boards are basically one-time build-up, and high-end HDI uses two or more build-up technologies, while using advanced PCB technologies such as stacking holes, electroplating hole filling, and laser direct drilling. High-end HDI boards are mainly used in 3G mobile phones, advanced digital cameras, IC carrier boards, etc.

SMT Proofing Trial ProductionThe development prospects of HDI circuit boards can be said to be very broad, especially when the electronic field enters the era of intelligence, the overall demand will be greatly increased.