Why it is said that the placement machine determines the core capability of the production line for SMT proofing
- 2020-08-17-

Why it is said that the placement machine determines the core capability of the production line for SMT proofing

Despite oneSMT Proofing Trial ProductionThe production line contains multiple equipment, but the placement machine is undoubtedly the more critical equipment for the main index to measure the core capability of a production line. Generally, the following 3 indicators are mainly considered for the production line capacity of SMT proofing test.


1. The specifications and varieties of PCB that can be mounted: it can handle the larger size of PCB and the ability of different components, especiallyMounting of new components (chip components with smaller and smaller sizes, IC with smaller and smaller lead pitches, and larger integration scales)The ability to package modules and special-shaped connectors, etc.), and extend oneSmaller placementChip components 0603/0402 (metric) and larger sizes that can be mounted on IC packages, for example, 30*30/50*50.

2. Mounting speed: Generally, there are two ways of expression: the time it takes to mount a component or the number of mounted components per hour,In addition, chip components and four-side-lead flat packages are separately identified. Obviously, the placement speedIt is the decisive factor for the speed and efficiency of the entire production line.

3. Application and maintenance costs: including the ease of use and operation, the time required to replace PCB varieties, and the speed of programmingDegree, equipment failure rate, maintenance cost, and replacement parts time.

Obviously, in the basic process of SMT proofing and trial production, the above three indicators mainly depend on the placement process, because no matter how complex the PCB isComponents, for printing and reflow soldering, are batch processing (one board, one printing, one soldering), while the patchYou need to mount them one by one. In fact, the SMT proofing test produces more equipment failures in the production line, and the speed bottleneck is indeed in the patchProcess. Therefore, the placement technology is the backbone of SMT technology and an important symbol of technological development. The placement machine determines that SMT proofing will be produced for trial production.The core capabilities of the line are indeed worthy of the name.