Introduction of the main equipment for SMT patch proofing production
- 2020-08-10-

Introduction of the main equipment for SMT patch proofing production

along withSMT patch proofingWith the continuous advancement of technology, the production equipment of SMD proofing manufacturers has also undergone earth-shaking changes. It can be said that the patch proofing industry has entered the era of automated production. Generally speaking, SMT patch proofing production line mainly includes board loading machine, printing machine, placement machine, reflow soldering machine, automatic optical inspection equipment, wave soldering machine and gas station equipment. The following is a detailed introduction.


Loading machine: The main function of this equipment isAt the source of the SMT patch proofing production line, the stacks of PCB light boards are loaded onto the production line one by one, usually controlled by a microcomputer, and the lifting step of the material rack can be set according to the thickness of the PCB, and it has a sound and light alarm function.

Printing machine:Using screen printing or screen printing technology, a quantitative amount of solder paste is accurately, evenly and quickly coated on each designated position of the PCB. The printing machines used for SMT patch proofing are roughly divided into three grades, namely manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic printing machines.

Mounter:The placement machine is a production equipment with higher technical content on the SMT placement proofing production line. It is responsible for accurately and non-destructively mounting components to the designated position on the PCB. There are many technical indicators to measure the performance of the placement machine, the main ones are placement speed, placement accuracy, PCB size, placement range, etc.

Reflow soldering machine:The reflow soldering machine is the post-process of the SMT patch proofing production line, which is mainly responsible for melting the solder of the mounted PCB and components and bonding it with the motherboard. There are also many varieties of reflow soldering machines, such as hot air reflow soldering, hot wire reflow soldering, hot gas reflow soldering, and laser reflow soldering.

Automatic optical inspection equipment:Usually AOI is an online inspection method used in the mass production of SMT patch proofing. The AOI system includes multiple light source lighting, high-speed digital cameras, high-speed linear motors, precision mechanical transmission, image processing software and other parts. During automatic detection, the AOI equipment automatically scans the PCB through the camera, captures and images the components or features on the PCB, processes them through software, and compares them with the qualified parameters in the database to determine whether the components and their features are intact. Obtain the test results and determine whether there are missing components, polarity reversal, bridging or various quality problems of solder joints, etc.

Wave soldering machine:Wave soldering refers to the melted solder (lead-tin alloy), sprayed into the design requirements by electric pump or electromagnetic pumpThe solder wave crest can also be formed by injecting nitrogen into the solder pool to allow the printed circuit board with pre-installed components to passThe solder wave crests realize the soft soldering of the mechanical and electrical connections between the solder ends or pins of the components and the printed circuit board pads.

In addition, air is second only to electricity and is the second largest source of power produced by SMT. A well-configured SMT patch proofing production lineThe normal air volume is 600~1000L/min. In order to meet the normal production process, it is not only required to provide stable and sufficientMany manufacturers’ SMT patch proofing equipment also emphasizes that the compressed air used must beDry and clean.