How is the price of manual patch proofing set?
- 2020-08-03-

Factors affecting the price of manual patch proofing

For friends who are engaged in the electronic product processing industry,Manual patch proofingIt must be no stranger. By conducting small-batch proofing of SMD components, problems in the circuit board can be discovered and corrected in time to ensure mass production of products. However, in manual patch proofing, customers are not only concerned about the quality and efficiency of proofing, but also very concerned about the price. Let's talk about the factors that affect its price.


1. It will be affected by the materials of the assembled components. It can be said that the lower the price of component materials, the lower the cost of manual patch proofing. At this point, the proofing factory can add more reference and comparison to grasp the overall price trend of the market. Moreover, when selecting components, the quality of the components must also be considered, and the quality of components should not be lowered in order to reduce costs.

Second, it will be affected by the difficulty of customization. After all, manual patch proofing is different from mechanical automatic proofing. This proofing process requires manual operation. Therefore, for some more complex customization requirements, the cost of manpower and machine time invested will be a lot, and the price will inevitably rise due to this influence.

Third, it will be affected by different proofing manufacturers. Each manual patch proofing factory will have its own pricing strategy, various preferential package prices are also different, and they will have differences in professional standards and service standards. Therefore, the price will also be different. Manufacturers with high professionalism and good service will naturally have higher prices.

To sum up, the factors that affect the price of manual patch proofing mainly include the price of assembly components and other materials, the difficulty of patching technology, and the pricing of different manufacturers. Therefore, when choosing, we must make more comparisons, and after comprehensive consideration, select a hand-made patch proofing manufacturer that is more reliable and cost-effective in all aspects.