Talking about the benefits of PCBA patch proofing for enterprises
- 2020-07-29-

Talking about the benefits of PCBA patch proofing for enterprises

Before proceeding to mass production of electronic components, the first thing to do is to carry outPCBA patch proofing. For PCBA mass production orders, the importance of the proofing process is self-evident, but for many novices in the industry, they tend to ignore the patch proofing. Therefore, let’s talk about PCBA patching. What kind of benefits can the proofing bring to the enterprise?


One is to improve production efficiency. Conduct trial production through PCBA patch proofing, familiarize yourself with the various specifications and processes of patch production in advance, and wait for large-scale mass production to increase production efficiency and reduce production failures and defective rates.

The second is to reduce the production cost of the entire order. If you do not perform PCBA patch proofing first, but directly produce it, it will lead to a low pass rate of patch production. Proofing can not only increase the pass rate, but also can flexibly choose partners according to the order situation, such as larger orders If it is, it can be directly entrusted to a PCBA manufacturer that integrates proofing and mass production. If it is a small batch order, you can entrust a PCB rapid proofing manufacturer alone, and then entrust it to another company for mass production, so that it is calculated from the cost. Is more cost-effective.

The third is to improve the turnaround time. For PCB patch processing, if mass production is required, many different departments within the company need to cooperate, such as the mechanical hardware department, software department, and professional design department. This will lead to the rapid completion of PCBA patch mass production. However, PCBA patch proofing can be completed quickly, providing turnaround time for subsequent mass production.

Fourth, it is conducive to the innovation of patch design. PCBA patch proofing can verify whether the innovation of patch design is scientific and reasonable. If proofing is not carried out, the cost of any innovation will be huge, which will also stifle the innovation of patch design to a large extent, but it can be carried out. After PCBA patch proofing, the cost of innovation has been greatly reduced, which naturally encourages innovation in patch design.