Analysis of the causes of component displacement in SMT patch proofing
- 2020-07-29-

Analysis of the causes of component displacement in SMT patch proofing

inSMT patch proofingIn the process, the quality of the SMT components will directly affect the quality of the proofing order. At present, there are many factors that affect the quality of SMT samples. Among them, the displacement phenomenon of SMT components is definitely a relatively common one. Any SMT component is in the process of production and proofing, even the slightest displacement will affect SMT stickers. The quality of chip proofing, let's talk about the reasons and solutions for the displacement of chip components.


One is that the wind of the fan is relatively large. In the process of SMT patch proofing, the wind of the fan on the BTU furnace is relatively high, which may cause displacement of smaller components or components with higher positions.

The second is to ensure that the conveying guide or the placement machine is stable and stable during the SMT patch proofing process to avoid vibration, because vibration will also cause component displacement.

Third, the pad design is unreasonable. When the size of the pad is designed to be too large, it is prone to offset when lifting the chip components, especially components with few pins or large spans are more likely to be displaced. This is actually due to the surface of the pad. Caused by tension.

Fourth, the components do not meet the standard. When the design of the chip component itself does not meet the relevant standards, it will also cause its displacement phenomenon during the SMT chip proofing process, such as the size of the two ends of the component is different. In addition, when installing the card slot, if the components are not uniformly stressed, it will also cause displacement.

The above points are the main reasons for the displacement of the components during the SMT patch proofing process. SMD proofing manufacturers should conduct targeted research to find practical solutions to the causes of the above problems. Only by solving the above-mentioned problems, can the quality of SMD proofing be effectively guaranteed and can produce higher-quality SMD components for customers.