How to eliminate bottlenecks in the design of SMT patch proofing production line
- 2020-07-22-

How to eliminate bottlenecks in the design of SMT patch proofing production line

A completeSMT patch proofingThe production line is composed of multiple equipment. But when these devices work together, the overall operating efficiency is not determined by the faster devices, but by the relatively low-speed devices. Therefore, during production, if a piece of equipment runs slower than other equipment, it will become a bottleneck restricting the speed of the entire SMT patch proofing production line.


Relevant practice shows that the bottleneck phenomenon usually appears on the placement machine, and in order to eliminate the bottleneck phenomenon, the number of placement machines must be increased. By increasing the number of placement machines, it is possible to provide more production capacity for the SMT placement proofing production line, so that the overall production line tends to balance and achieve the purpose of solving the bottleneck phenomenon of operating speed.

As for the type and number of placement machines to be added, it needs to be determined according to the actual product situation of the SMT placement proofing production line. Under normal circumstances, try to purchase several high-speed placement machines and several multi-function placement machines. Among them, the high-speed placement machine solves the problem of the placement speed of small components. Several high-speed placement machines are responsible for the placement of different types of components. In this way, each high-speed placement machine performs a relatively single type of component placement. The chip speed will be significantly improved; several multi-function placement machines mount other large-scale IC components, and the different components are classified and assigned to different multi-function placement machines. This will solve the production bottleneck problem caused by the efficiency of the placement machine. Of course, if the investment budget of the SMT patch proofing production line is small and only one placement machine can be purchased, then it is better to choose a multi-function placement machine, because it can mount multiple types of components.