Precautions for the operation of SMT patch proofing equipment
- 2020-07-14-

Precautions for the operation of SMT patch proofing equipment

With the current prosperity of the electronic processing industry,SMT patch proofingOrders are also increasing. Generally speaking, the processing quality of the PCB board is actually the quality of its patch. If the quality of the patch is not good, the entire PCB board will be scrapped. Nowadays, patch proofing is generally carried out with automated equipment, so the quality of the patch is closely related to the operation of the SMT placement equipment. Paying attention to the operation specifications of the equipment can not only improve the pass rate of the product, but also improve the efficiency of the patch proofing . Now let's talk about the operation precautions of the patch proofing equipment.


PCB model chip components have the following advantages:

The assembly density is high and the volume is small. Compared with through-hole plug-in components, the volume of PCB template chip components is greatly reduced, and the weight of its components is only about 10% of through-hole plug-in components. According to relevant data analysis, the volume and weight of electronic products using PCB template patch technology can be reduced by 40% to 60% and 60% to 80% respectively.

High reliability. Due to the small size, light weight, and the use of reflow soldering technology, the defect rate of solder joints is also very low. Therefore, these comprehensive factors contribute to the high reliability of this technology.

Good high frequency characteristics. The PCB prototype patch components are all short-leaded or leadless, which effectively reduces the possibility of parasitic inductance and capacitance, thereby improving the high-frequency characteristics of the circuit, and reducing the interference caused by electromagnetic radiation and frequency radiation. .

low cost. As the volume of the PCB prototype chip components becomes smaller, the use area of ​​the PCB board will also be reduced, and the volume of electronic products will naturally also be greatly reduced, resulting in a greater reduction in the production cost of electronic products. In addition, the number of holes drilled in the PCB board with the PCB template patch technology is very small, which will reduce the maintenance cost of the product. Based on the above factors, it is not unreasonable that the comprehensive cost of PCB prototype chip components is low.