The development history of SMT technology in domestic SMT patch proofing plants
- 2020-07-06-

domesticSMTSMD proofing factorySMTThe development history of technology

ChinaSMTPatch proofingTechnology started in the last century80Early in the decade. In the beginning, it was just for the production of color TV tuners, and a complete set ofSMTThe production line, and the introduced technology and production line are relatively low-end, belonging to the kind that is eliminated at any time. Subsequently, relevant domestic departments and enterprises began toSMTTechnology research and development have gradually applied it to the production of video recorders, cameras, pocket radios, walkmans and other products. By the last century90At the end of the year, withSMTWith the development of patch proofing technology, it has gradually been widely used in computers, communication equipment, and aerospace electronic products.


enter21After the century, due to the rapid development of the domestic electronic information product manufacturing industry, the introduction of various high-end placement machines has made domesticSMTThe pace of development of the patch proofing industry has been greatly accelerated.2000In 2016, China introduced the placement machine for the first time1000station,2006Year and2007Breaks through every year1Ten thousand Taiwan mark.2014In 2015, the placement machine has achieved localization and its market share has continued to increase until2020In 2015, China was able to export placement machines, accounting for the total annual global production of placement machines40%~50%. according to2020Incomplete statistics for the year, our country has nearly6More than a thousand engagedSMTSMD proofing companies are mainly concentrated in the Pearl River Delta region.

after40Years of continuous growth, especially2010Year to2020Years, nearly10Years of ultra-high-speed development, domesticSMTThe patch proofing technology has no gap with the developed countries such as the West, and even far exceeds them in some aspects. China has becomeSMTThe industrial power is moving towardsSMTThe industrial power moves forward, and the next5Year is goingSMTA critical period of development for a powerful country. It can be seen that withinSMTThe development prospects of the patch proofing industry are very broad.