Experience sharing of SMT patch proofing
- 2020-07-03-

Experience sharing of SMT patch proofing

SMT patch proofingIt may be relatively unfamiliar to everyone. In simple terms, patch proofing is the necessary work before entering mass manufacturing, which refers to the process of experimental production before mass manufacturing and the factory's small batch trial production. Let's talk about the popular point, high-quality products generally need to be sampled and processed. In order to let everyone better grasp the knowledge of SMT proofing, Shenzhen Jiasulai Technology Co., Ltd. will share some very practical SMT patch proofing experience for you.


One is the component materials.Under normal circumstances, the price of components and materials is relatively high, so everyone should try to reduce costs, such as buying some components in batches, and doing so will not only save costs, but also be beneficial to later SMT patch proofing.

The second is to find factories.For products, the proofing process is particularly important. Therefore, in order to ensure the quality of the product, you should find a reliable SMT patch proofing manufacturer to complete the proofing work, but you should not be greedy for cheap, just choose some low-priced ones, because Manufacturers with low prices may have major problems with their services and product quality. Therefore, when choosing SMT patch proofing manufacturers, we must consider multiple aspects, and then choose a more suitable proofing manufacturer based on our own needs. .

The third is quality.You may encounter the following situation, that is, after receiving the finished SMT patch proofing product, the qualified rate of the product is found to be very low. The main reason is that there is a problem in the process. "Stop processing service" companies to process products. And such SMT patch proofing companies can also transform unqualified products to make them qualified products and so on.