Talking about the main points of PCBA proofing chip manufacturer selection
- 2020-07-03-

Talking about PCBAKey points for selection of proofing patch manufacturers

In order to save more time and improve the accuracy of the project, many companies will consider how to choose a good one that can provide fast and high-precisionPCBA proofing patchManufacturer cooperation. Of course, as long as the manufacturer chooses it well, such a goal is still easy to achieve. However, there are currently a large number of companies in the PCB proofing industry, and the quality is also uneven. So, how to choose a good PCBA proofing chip manufacturer?

A good PCBA proofing patch manufacturer usually has a relatively large patch processing and production base, and the workshop workshop also has a certain scale. Regarding this point, you can conduct on-site inspections of interested manufacturers at a certain time to see if there is a PCBA proofing and patch processing production line in their factory, whether there is a professional plug-in assembly line and assembly test line, etc. If the production environment of the workshop and workshop makes people feel professional and satisfied, and there are no problems in other aspects, you can consider cooperating with it.

Since it is for PCBA proofing and placement, the placement machine is also the equipment that everyone needs to pay attention to. If you have some understanding of PCB proofing, everyone should know that the higher the accuracy of the placement machine, the better. In addition, other equipment is required for PCB proofing, such as solder paste machine, board loading machine and AIO optical inspection room instrument, etc. These equipment are advanced enough to further ensure the processing technology and quality level of the product. When conducting on-site inspections, how to choose a good PCBA proofing chip manufacturer whether the equipment is fully equipped and whether it meets the requirements is also one of the keys to whether you choose the manufacturer.

In addition, when choosing a PCBA proofing chip manufacturer, you also need to combine your own situation, put your own requirements to the manufacturer, and see if they can complete it on time and with quality. You should know that many PCBA proofing patch manufacturers do not serve your customers, they will also cooperate with other companies, and if they want to get the proofing patch in a faster time, they must communicate with the manufacturer in advance to see if the manufacturer can help You speed up the progress, if you can’t, you need to consider other manufacturers.