Talking about the importance of PCBA proofing patch
- 2020-06-12-

Talking about the importance of PCBA proofing patch

Before conducting PCBA R&D model design and production, the first thing to do isPCBA proofing patch. For PCBA mass production orders, the importance of the proofing process is even more self-evident, but for many novices in the industry, they often ignore the importance of proofing, or are not very concerned about the quality of the samples, and think that only You only need to look at the appearance, so let's talk about the importance of PCBA proofing.


The main importance of PCBA proofing patch is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

First, PCBA proofing patch can improve productivity. Regardless of whether it is a large-volume order or a small-volume order, as long as the placement and proofing are done well, the mass production productivity will increase afterwards. Whether it is an increase in production and processing efficiency or an effective reduction in failure rate, it can achieve the effect of increasing productivity. .

The second is that the PCBA proofing patch can also reduce the production cost of the entire order. Direct production without proofing may result in a low pass rate. Proofing can not only increase the pass rate, but also choose partners flexibly according to the order. For example, if the order is large, you can directly entrust proofing and mass production of PCBA proofing stickers. If it is a small batch order, the film manufacturer can entrust a rapid proofing agency alone, and entrust another company for mass production, which is more cost-effective.

The third is PCBA proofing patch can improve the turnaround time. For many processing companies, if they want to do a good job in PCB processing and production, different departments must cooperate. Whether it is the mechanical hardware department, the software department, and professional PCB designers, the mass production of PCBA patches cannot be completed on the same day, but PCBA proofing patch production can be completed on the same day, so that the subsequent mass production cycle is much shorter.