Explanation of the entrusted processing process of SMT patch proofing
- 2020-06-10-

Explanation of the entrusted processing process of SMT patch proofing

SMT patch proofingIt belongs to the field of custom processing and has always had a relatively large market demand. For customers with large orders, the manufacturer needs to arrange the corresponding production line in advance to carry out the proofing operation for the customer. At present, many customers have SMT patch proofing requirements, but many of them are not clear about the specific entrusted processing process of patch proofing. Here is a brief introduction to this process for understanding.


First of all, customers who need to entrust SMT patch proofing business can provide their own specific proofing requirements and model conditions so that the proofing processing factory can have a preliminary understanding. Then the processing plant will connect with the customers and negotiate and agree on the quotation. This is a procedure that must be passed in order to meet the needs of customers to a greater extent.

Secondly, after the customer confirms the price, you can sign a commission agreement and officially start the proofing operation. Since SMT patch proofing is suitable for different electronic equipment and components, the processing plant will also conduct scientific production operations according to the actual needs of customers. It can be adjusted to meet the needs of large-volume proofing customers.

Furthermore, during the SMT patch proofing process, individual defective products may occur due to various subjective and objective reasons, which is very normal. Therefore, after the proofing process, the processing plant will carefully check the specific proofing results, and rework the individual problems. After all SMT patch proof finished products have passed the inspection, they can be delivered to the customer in accordance with the method agreed in the agreement.

In short, when customers choose SMT patch proofing manufacturers, they should consider the overall processing quality level of the patch, as well as the relevant service level and reputation of the manufacturer. In addition, for some special-shaped components with special requirements, various requirements may be relatively complicated when performing SMT patch proofing. Therefore, it is necessary to communicate with the patch manufacturer in advance to ensure the finished SMT patch. the quality of.