Factors affecting the price of manual patch proofing
- 2020-06-06-

Factors affecting the price of manual patch proofing

Manual patch proofingFor those engaged in the electronics processing industry, it can be said to be very familiar. Because before the birth of the automatic placement machine, manual placement was used for sample proofing and trial production. Although with the gradual popularity of SMT placement machines, the application space of manual placement proofing technology is gradually becoming smaller, but a considerable number of SMT placement processing companies still use manual placement as the main method of proofing, but for customers, It only cares about the price issue, so how is the price of manual patch proofing set?


The price of manual patch proofing is mainly affected by the following factors:

One is affected by the materials of the assembled components. It can be said that the lower the price of components, the lower the cost of manual patching and proofing. However, when selecting components, one should not blindly consider the price, but also take into account the pros and cons of quality, so as to select more cost-effective component materials.

The second is the difficulty of customization. After all, manual patch proofing is different from mechanical automatic proofing and requires human operation. Therefore, for more complex customization requirements, the price is bound to be affected and rise.

The third is the influence of different SMT chip processing companies. The price of manual patch proofing depends on the specific processing company selected, because each store is different, the package price is also different, and there are differences in professional standards and service standards. At present, there are many companies that have manual patching and proofing business, but they are mixed, so we must make choices based on the average market price to avoid being pitted.

In summary, for friends who are concerned about the price of manual patch proofing, the factors that affect their price include the price of assembled components and other materials, the difficulty of patching technology, and the pricing of different manufacturers. Therefore, electronic product enterprise customers are choosing manual patching. When making a proofing manufacturer, it is necessary to integrate the influence of the above factors, and then combine its own actual needs to select a more reliable and cost-effective placement manufacturer.