Several details that should be paid attention to in SMT patch proofing
- 2020-06-06-

Several details that should be paid attention to in SMT patch proofing

The modern society's dependence on electronic products is increasing, and the demand is also increasing, which also drives the continued popularity of the electronic processing industry. When it comes to the electronic processing industry, one of the important branches has to be mentioned-SMTPatch proofingIndustry, this industry is mainly for the small batch trial production of electronic components before mass production, and debugging the various functions of the electronic components through the trial production. It can be said that SMT patch proofing is of great significance to the mass production of electronic products. Therefore, the following details should be paid attention to during the SMT patch proofing process:


One is that in the SMT patch proofing process, electronic components and PCB boards are generally soldered with solder paste, and the quality of the solder paste determines the packaging quality of the electronic components, so pay attention to the storage of the solder paste, especially temporarily When not in use, the solder paste should be placed in the refrigerator for storage. It should be noted that the storage temperature of the solder paste in the refrigerator cannot be lower than 0 degrees Celsius to prevent the solder paste from solidifying and affecting its performance.

Second, SMT patch proofing has relatively high requirements for equipment. The SMT patch process is a very comprehensive project. It not only has a high technological content, but also has very strict requirements on the working environment and operating specifications. At the same time, it needs advanced equipment as support to ensure The quality of SMT patch proofing products. However, if old equipment is used for production and processing, it will not only affect the quality of the patch, but also reduce the yield and production efficiency, resulting in a substantial increase in the production cost of the enterprise.

The third is to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the production and processing equipment before the SMT patch proofing, especially for some key equipment and parts that are prone to failure, it is necessary to intensify the inspection efforts to ensure that the production is foolproof. After the SMT patch proofing process is finished, remember to clean the machine to avoid some small parts or sundries left in the equipment, which may cause equipment failure. In addition, if the equipment fails during the SMT patch proofing process, you need to stop proofing immediately and ask professional maintenance personnel to repair it. It is strictly forbidden to disassemble the equipment without permission.