Several aspects that PCB prototype manufacturers need to pay attention to
- 2020-06-02-

Several aspects that PCB prototype manufacturers need to pay attention to

PCB model makingIn fact, it means that before mass production of printed circuit boards, small batches of PCB prototypes are generally required to be trial-produced in order to realize the debugging of related functions. After the function debugging is completed, follow-up mass production can be carried out. This method can not only avoid production risks, but also reduce the loss caused by product errors. But in the process of making PCB prototypes, in order to win the favor of customers, we need to pay attention to the following aspects:


The first is the speed of delivery. In the PCB model-making industry, the delivery speed is an important indicator to measure whether the model-making company is of high quality. This is because for customers, the short delivery time means more time for functional debugging, so that the quality of mass-produced products can be effectively guaranteed and the risk is reduced. It can be combined with the quality of the product. The core indicators of the entire industry. Whether it can become a very important influencing factor. At present, the normal delivery time of high-quality PCB prototype manufacturers is generally 2 days, but they can provide expedited services, such as 24-hour and 12-hour expedited services. Some manufacturers can even achieve 6-hour expedited services.

The second is the quality of the model. PCB model making manufacturers need to pay attention to the quality of the model. Only the quality of the model can win the trust of customers and receive a steady stream of orders. Therefore, every production process of the model needs to be strictly controlled, and every link from raw materials, drawing to production, and quality control must be foolproof. As long as the manufacturers of PCB model making can achieve the above two points, they will surely win the favor of customers.