Assembly planning of PCB prototype patch manufacturers
- 2020-06-02-

Assembly planning of PCB prototype patch manufacturers

PCB model patchManufacturers have many problems in the PCB assembly process. Especially the main problems in the trial production of new orders and process finalization, such as design document conversion, process parameter setting, programming and other technical documents preparation time is long; product variety conversion preparation time is long; changeable orders often cause material shortages and stoppages Wait to be expected. These problems have seriously hindered the further improvement of the production technology and management level of PCB sample chip manufacturers. In order to improve product quality and production efficiency, and enhance the market competitiveness of enterprises, PCB assembly planning has received a lot of attention from the academic and business circles.


Among PCB sample patch manufacturers, PCB assembly planning includes two important links: PCB assembly process planning and assembly scheduling. PCB assembly process planning is divided into two levels: equipment level and production line level. The process planning of the equipment layer mainly considers the main process parameters of a single device to optimize its processing performance; the process planning of the production line layer of the PCB sample board manufacturer mainly determines the assembly process of the PCB through the component allocation and PCB allocation optimization among the equipment on the production line And the composition of the assembly equipment, reduce the assembly time and adjustment time of the components on the PCB, and balance the work load of the equipment.

PCB assembly scheduling is completed by the workshop production management staff of the PCB sample patch manufacturer based on the results of the process planning, the equipment of the assembly workshop, the production order and the supply of raw materials before the production task is issued. It is mainly to determine the assembly sequence of the PCB assembly process on each assembly equipment, and the start and end time of each assembly process. The assembly scheduling optimization problems of PCB prototype patch manufacturers include optimizing the assembly sequence of each PCB assembly process on different equipment, determining the start and assembly end time of each process, so as to shorten the PCB assembly completion time and reduce the order delivery delay time.