Problems in the PCB prototype assembly system
- 2020-05-27-

PCBFeatures of the model board assembly system

With the development of electronic assembly technology, it can be based onPCBPrototypeDifferent technical requirements, design parameters and assembly production environment, and use different assembly technologies to achievePCBAssembly. In order to ensure assembly quality and improve production efficiency, it is necessary toPCBThe assembly process is differentPCBSelect the appropriate equipment for the template-making assembly task, and determine its process parameters and assembly sequence on different equipment to reduce the completion time and delayed delivery time of the assembly task.


Compared with other manufacturing systems, the PCB prototype assembly system has the following characteristics:

One isPCBAccording to the design documents, the model-making and assembly companies organize production according to user orders, especially for small and medium-sizedPCBAssembling companies mostly adopt customized production methods of multi-variety, large, medium and small batches mixed and crossed. inPCBIn the prototype assembly system, there are a large number of uncertain factors such as changes in equipment status, changes in the supply of raw materials and changes in user demand, and will have a serious impact on the operation of the system.

two isPCBThe assembly process of model making is made up ofPCBThe assembly process flow and the distribution results of the components to be assembled on different equipment are determined. Due to the large number of assembly equipment, component types and components,PCBThe assembly process planning is more flexible.

Three isPCBThe assembly process of the prototype is complicated. Under the multi-variety and small-batch assembly production mode,PCBThe assembly workshop usually assembles multiple tasks at the same time. For different types of components, different equipment or manual methods are required to assemble them in different ways. This will makePCBThe prototype board assembly system needs to meet the requirements of many aspects such as process, equipment and time, and the control requirements for the entire assembly process are very high.