Feeder and feeder support for PCB model placement equipment
- 2020-05-07-

Feeder and feeder support for PCB model placement equipment

PCB model patchThe feeding system of the equipment is mainly composed of a feeder, a feeder support and a conveying mechanism. The feeder mainly plays the role of material supply. Due to the different specifications of the materials, the incoming packaging of the materials is different, and the supply power sources of PCB sample placement equipment of different brands are also different. According to the specifications of the materials and the packaging methods and the pressing power sources, they are classified separately. The feeder of the model placement equipment can be divided into the following types.


PCB sample placement equipment feeders are classified according to the incoming packaging, which can be divided into tape feeders, tube feeders, tray feeders, and bulk feeders; they are classified according to the power source of the pressing material , Can be divided into mechanical feeder, pneumatic feeder, electric feeder and so on. Among them, the tape feeder can be divided into 8nm, 12mm, 24mm and other different widths according to the width of the loaded tape. In order to ensure the feeding accuracy of the tape feeder of the PCB model placement equipment, the tape feeder should be calibrated regularly.

The role of the feeder bracket in the PCB sample placement equipment is to support the feeder and provide a stable platform for the feeder. The feeding support can be divided into two types: fixed and mobile. The fixed feeding support means that the feeding support is fixed to the placement machine body and cannot be used as a mobile feeding support. A rule has been formed in the PCB template placement equipment, that is, the placement head corresponding to the fixed feeding bracket must be moved in the X and Y axis directions. The feeding bracket is a feeding bracket that can be pulled out or moved from the PCB sample placement equipment. The mobile feeding bracket is also called the feeding cart. The feeding bracket is generally divided into 2 groups. The two groups of carts can pass through the corresponding feeding station. Load the same material alternately to realize non-stop material change.