Overview of through-hole reflow soldering technology in PCB sample chip manufacturers
- 2020-04-28-

Overview of through-hole reflow soldering technology in PCB sample chip manufacturers

inPCB model patchAmong manufacturers, there are two main welding methods for plug-in components, namely wave soldering and manual soldering. However, the welding methods of these two components have many problems. For example, when facing the welding of high-density and fine-pitch components, they appear to be inadequate, the problems of bridging and missing soldering are very serious, and the quality of tin penetration is not good. High, PCB board is easy to be contaminated by solder resist etc. It can be said that these two soldering methods can no longer meet the development of PCB prototype chip manufacturers. In order to solve this problem, PCB manufacturers have developed through-hole reflow soldering technology.


The principle of the through-hole reflow soldering technology of the PCB sample chip manufacturer is: first print the solder paste on the stencil onto the through-hole pads of the PCB board, and then install the plug-in components on the PCB board, and then use the reflow soldering technology The plug-in component and the PCB board are welded together to realize the soldering of the plug-in component. PCB prototype chip manufacturers use reflow soldering technology to replace wave soldering technology and manual soldering technology, which not only solves the problems caused by these two soldering methods, but also performs outstandingly in terms of economy, soldering quality and efficiency, and greatly improves the PCB The qualified rate of the products of the model SMT manufacturers optimizes the production process, improves the production efficiency, and reduces the overall cost of the enterprise.

In summary, for PCB prototype chip manufacturers, the emergence of through-hole reflow soldering technology has not only improved the production efficiency of plug-in components, but also improved the quality of soldering. At present, this technology has been widely used in the electronics industry. application. In addition, because the wave soldering process is replaced by through-hole reflow soldering technology, PCB sample board manufacturers can just reduce the investment related to this process, thereby reducing the production cost of the enterprise and improving its production efficiency.