The structure of PCBA proofing and placement machine
- 2020-04-28-

The structure of PCBA proofing and placement machine

PCBA proofing patchThe machine is a very critical equipment in PCB proofing manufacturers, not only related to the efficiency of SMT patch, but also has a very important impact on the quality of the patch. According to its degree of automation, PCBA proofing and placement machines are generally divided into manual placement machines, semi-automatic placement machines and automatic placement machines. But no matter what type of placement machine, its structure includes: mechanical main body, placement head, PCB conveying system, component feeding system.


Mechanical body: The mechanical body of PCBA proofing and placement machine generally adopts a beam structure. The placement head is installed on the beam, that is, the X-direction movement axis. The beam moves in the Y direction on the base. There are several stickers on the placement head of the PCBA proofing and placement machine. Piece suction nozzle, the suction nozzle performs Z-direction movement and q-angle rotation.

PCB conveying system: The PCB conveying system of the PCBA proofing and placement machine is to transport and fix the PCB board printed with solder paste to the placement position, and then transport the PCB board to the unloading position after the placement is completed. The PCB conveyor system of the PCBA proofing and placement machine can be divided into single-table single-track transmission, single-table double-track transmission, and the composite placement machine adopts a multi-track type.

Component feeding system: In the PCBA proofing and placement machine, the feeder provides the components in the package to the suction nozzle according to the instructions of the placement machine, so the packaging form and quality of the feeder and the placement components Picking up components has an important effect. The feeder, also called the feeder, is an important component in the placement technology that affects placement accuracy and production efficiency, so that some PCBA proofing and placement machine models directly mark the number of feeders that can be accommodated.

Placement head: In the PCBA proofing placement machine, the placement head of the traditional arch structure has a single nozzle and multiple nozzles side by side structure. The single-nozzle placement head can only place one component in one placement cycle, and the placement accuracy is high. The multi-nozzle parallel placement head has 2-12 parallel nozzle placement axes, which can pick up, correct and place multiple components in a placement cycle, which can effectively improve the placement speed of the PCBA proofing placement machine.