The main features of SMT chip technology in PCBA proofing chip factory
- 2020-04-24-

The main features of SMT chip technology in PCBA proofing chip factory

inPCBA proofing patchIn factories, the process of assembling components, chips, etc. on a PCB substrate is generally called second-level packaging, or board-level packaging, and the industry also generally recognizes the term assembly. Electronic assembly technology mainly includes two types: surface mount technology SMT and through-hole mounting technology THT. In PCBA proofing and placement factories, SMT placement technology is mainly used as the assembly technology of electronic components. Here is a brief introduction to the characteristics of its SMT patch technology.


The characteristics of SMT patch technology of PCBA proofing patch factory are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

First, there are many types of placement objects. In PCBA proofing and placement factories, the placement components that can use SMT placement technology cover almost all traditional electronic components. In terms of size, this technology can be used for mounting even if the volume of components is large or small; in terms of materials, the mounting components of PCBA proofing and placement factory include ceramic, metal and plastic surface flatness and roughness Various materials with different degrees.

The second is extremely fast mounting speed. At present, in PCBA proofing and placement factories, the placement time of each chip component has been shortened to about 0.06s, which is much faster than the THT insertion technology, and has almost reached the limit of the movement speed of the mechanical structure.

The third is high placement accuracy requirements. The SMT patch technology of the PCBA proofing patch factory adopts mechanical, electrical, optical, and software and hardware integrated technologies. Now the placement accuracy can reach 22~25μm under 3σ, and the placement accuracy of some small components and fine-pitch ICs can even reach 22μm under 4σ. In the PCBA proofing and placement factory, the distance between the component and the device reaches the order of 0.1mm, which means that the SMT placement accuracy index has been at the same level as the chip packaging technology requirements.