Description of SMT patch process in PCBA proofing patch factory
- 2020-04-24-

Description of SMT patch process in PCBA proofing patch factory

CurrentlyPCBA proofing patchWhen the factory performs electronic assembly, it mainly uses surface mount technology SMT and through-hole mounting technology THT. These two assembly technologies can be used alone or mixed. At this stage, SMT technology still dominates in PCBA proofing and placement factories. In simple terms, the SMT process is to use certain technical means to place surface mount components/surface mount devices on the designated positions of the EPCB substrate. The following is a specific introduction to the process of SMT patch in PCBA proofing patch factory.


The specific process of the SMT placement process of the PCBA proofing and placement factory: 1. Transport the PCB substrate to the specified location for placement and fix it; 2. Align the inspection system to identify the Mark point on the substrate, and calculate the placement position coordinates of all components; 3. The placement head picks up the components from the component feeder; 4. While the placement head is moving, the alignment detection system analyzes the position of the components relative to the placement head through image acquisition and analysis to obtain the movement coordinates of the placement head. The placement head Adjust accordingly according to the position deviation of the patch component and the pad; 5. After the placement head sucks the component and moves to the specified position, then the component is mounted on the PCB substrate. PCBA proofing patch manufacturers can only proceed to the next production process after completing the above process.

In PCBA proofing and patch manufacturers, the mounted components are continuously mounted on the PCB substrate one by one. Compared with the solder coating and reflow soldering processes, the production efficiency of the patch process is lower. Therefore, the placement machine must maintain high-speed operation to ensure the efficiency of component placement. In addition, the PCBA proofing and placement factory needs to align all the pins of the components with the corresponding pads on the PCB substrate when mounting. This is because one of the important parameters to measure the quality of the mounted components is the mounting The accuracy of the location.