Type introduction of SMT patch proofing equipment
- 2020-04-24-

Type introduction of SMT patch proofing equipment

CurrentlySMT patch proofingThere are many brands of equipment, and there are also many types of equipment. According to the working mode of the placement equipment, it can be divided into four types: boom type, turntable type or turret type, composite type and large parallel system. Different types of SMT patch proofing equipment have their own advantages and disadvantages, and the selection usually depends on the actual application or process requirements for equipment placement accuracy.


Boom type: Boom type SMT patch proofing equipment has better flexibility and accuracy, and has a wide variety of placement components, but the disadvantage is that it is slow and cannot be compared with composite, turntable and large parallel systems. Boom type SMT patch proofing machine is mainly used to mount QFP, BGA and other components that require high placement accuracy, but because of its slow placement speed, the production efficiency of large-volume SMT placement components will be greater influences.

Turntable type: Turntable SMT placement equipment is also called turret type and turntable structure in the industry. It is used in both high-speed placement machines and medium-speed placement machines. Because the high-speed placement machine takes in components and mounts components simultaneously, the placement efficiency is greatly improved.

Compound type: Compound SMT placement equipment is a combination of turntable type and boom type. This equipment combines the advantages of these two types. A turntable is installed on the boom type. For example, Sony's SI-E1000 series placement equipment has two turntables with 12 nozzles. Since the composite SMT patch proofing equipment can also increase the speed of component placement by increasing the number of booms, it has greater flexibility, so its development prospects are very promising.

Large-scale parallel system: Large-scale parallel system SMT placement proofing equipment, also known as modular machine, is currently more high-speed placement machines. It is usually composed of a series of small independent assembly machines, each with a positioning system and placement arm, the placement arm with a camera and nozzle head. Each nozzle head of the large-scale parallel system SMT patch proofing equipment picks up components from several tape feeders, and can mount multiple circuit boards in multiple partitions.