The reason why the nozzle of the placement machine affects the placement rate in PCB sample placement manufacturers
- 2020-04-19-

The reason why the nozzle of the placement machine affects the placement rate in PCB sample placement manufacturers

SMT placement machine isPCB model patchAn essential piece of equipment for manufacturers. It can not only improve the placement efficiency of the entire component, but also improve the quality of the placement. But they are all SMT placement machines. Why is the placement rate sometimes very different? Why? Among PCB sample placement manufacturers, there are many factors that affect the placement rate of SMT placement machines. One of the important factors is the placement machine nozzle, which is mainly due to internal and external reasons:


Internal reason: PCB sample placement manufacturer's SMT placement machine affects the placement rate due to insufficient vacuum negative pressure of the suction nozzle. The suction nozzle will automatically switch the mechanical valve on the placement head before picking up the parts. It is converted from blowing to vacuum suction. Vacuum suction will generate a certain negative pressure. When the suction nozzle picks up the component, it will go to the designated placement position on the PCB. The negative pressure value of the nozzle should be greater than 400nmHg, and the negative pressure should be greater than 70mmHg when the nozzle is sucking large devices. Therefore, in order to ensure sufficient negative pressure of the suction nozzle, PCB sample chip manufacturers must regularly clean the filter in the vacuum pump.

External reasons: 1. The pressure relief of the air source circuit of the PCB sample chip manufacturer, such as the aging of the seal, the aging, rupture, and abrasion of the rubber air pipe, causes the air pressure of the suction nozzle to be insufficient, thereby affecting the placement rate of the SMT placement machine; After cutting the components packaged by paper braid, a large amount of waste, adhesive or dust in the external environment will be generated, which will cause the suction nozzle to block. Therefore, PCB placement manufacturers should check the cleanliness of the nozzle of the placement machine daily, monitor the pickup of the nozzle at any time, and clean or replace the clogged or poorly picked nozzle in time to ensure a good condition. At the same time When installing the nozzle, it must be installed correctly and firmly, otherwise it will cause damage to the nozzle or equipment.