SMT patch proofing process overview
- 2020-04-17-

SMT patch proofing process overview

SMT patch proofingThe core technology of the process is surface mount technology. Simply put, it is a very important electronic product assembly technology in the electronics industry to paste electronic components on the PCB through soldering technology. Specifically, it is to apply adhesive or solder paste to the pads of the PCB board, then paste the pins of the electronic components to the pads, and then solder them by wave soldering or reflow soldering technology, so that The PCB board can realize electrical connection. The SMT patch proofing is a small amount of production, and many electronic component manufacturers take a measure to verify the rationality and performance of the circuit board design.


The SMT patch proofing process involves a wide range of disciplines and technologies, which can be said to be a systematic project. The technologies involved include: surface mount component technology, SMT equipment technology, SMT substrate manufacturing technology, SMT assembly design technology, SMT process manufacturing technology, SMT component testing technology and many other disciplines and technologies. Compared with the traditional component plug-in technology, the SMT chip proofing process differs in the components. The plug-in process uses long-lead components, which are inserted into the PCB board and then soldered; while the SMT patch proofing process uses short-lead or leadless components. The assembly method is to The device is attached to the surface of the PCB board and then soldered. In addition, the soldering methods of the two processes are also different. The SMT chip proofing process uses the reflow soldering method, and the component insertion process uses the solder melting soldering method.

With the development of microelectronics and computer technology, the application range of SMT patch proofing technology is becoming wider and wider. Now many areas where the electronics industry is more developed have adopted SMT patch technology to replace the traditional through-hole insertion technology, which not only effectively improves the production efficiency of electronic products, but also reduces the defect rate of electronic products and reduces the overall cost of the enterprise. So far, the SMT patch proofing process has been recognized by the world and has become the main technical support for the continuous development of electronic equipment.