Talking about the development process of SMT patch proofing equipment
- 2020-04-09-

Talking about the development process of SMT patch proofing equipment

SMT patch proofingIn the early development of the equipment, the material reclaiming method mainly relied on the claws to grab the components, and the components were calibrated through the mechanical centering device on the grab head, and then mounted. The accuracy of this calibration method is not very high, and it can only be met when mounting larger chip components. However, as the types of mounting components increase, mechanical alignment cannot meet the needs of mounting components. , SMT patch proofing equipment has faced a major innovation in technology.


The improved SMT patch proofing equipment picks up the components through the suction nozzle, and then calibrates and mounts through the vision system. Compared with claw gripping, the suction nozzle sucks materials, not only the efficiency has been greatly improved, but also the absorption rate has also been greatly improved. According to statistics, this technological innovation has increased the placement efficiency of SMT patch proofing equipment by about 50%, and the absorption rate has also increased by about 10% on the original basis. Moreover, its breakthrough in visual calibration has also broken the singularity of mechanical calibration and placement. Using visual calibration, almost all components can meet the requirements of placement and calibration. Today, visual calibration technology is still popular in SMT patch proofing equipment. Continue to use.

Since SMT patch proofing equipment is usually used for a long time and around the clock, everyone realizes that the maintenance of patch equipment is a cost that cannot be ignored, so more and more attention is paid to the simplification and modularization of the electrical system. The so-called simplification and modularization refer to the simplification and concentration of the previous electrical system, and the modular control. If the SMT patch proofing equipment fails, you can quickly determine which module control circuit has a problem based on the failure phenomenon. The modular control system can save the company more than 40% of maintenance costs.