The influence of feeder on the placement rate of SMT patch proofing machine
- 2020-04-09-

The influence of feeder on the placement rate of SMT patch proofing machine

SMT patch proofingThe machine refers to the automatic placement equipment that can stably, quickly, completely and correctly pick up the components without damaging the components and the PCB board, and mount them on the designated position of the PCB board. At present, it has been widely used in various fields such as military industry, home appliances, communications, and computers. The placement rate actually refers to the ratio of the number of components that can be accurately placed to the number of components picked up by the actual nozzle within a fixed time. The feeder of the SMT patch printer will have an important impact on its placement rate, which is mainly reflected in the following two aspects:


One is that the long-term use of the SMT patch proofer or the improper use of the operator will cause its feeder to wear, deform, and rust, which will lead to undesirable conditions when picking up components. Therefore, in the daily production process, the operator must correctly and firmly install the feeder in the correct position, and regularly check the feeder of the SMT patch proofer to ensure that it is in the correct position. The feeder should also be cleaned, cleaned, and lubricated to prevent the loss of components and damage to the feeder of the SMT proofer.

Second, because the feeding mechanism of the SMT patch proofer accesses the feeder at high speed, after a long time of operation and use, the pawl of the feeder will be more worn out, which will cause the pawl to be When the tape was being peeled off, it was unable to drive, making the suction nozzle unable to pick up the components. Therefore, the operator of the SMT patch proofing machine must carefully inspect the ratchet wheel of the feeder before daily production, mainly to check whether it is worn or not, and repair or replace it in time.