Talking about the manual placement process of PCBA patch welding manufacturers
- 2020-04-03-

Talking about the manual placement process of PCBA patch welding manufacturers

PCBA patch weldingThe manufacturer’s manual placement process: first print the solder paste on the B side of the PCB, and then use the dedicated placement tool to place the components on the corresponding position on the PCB. The components are soldered to the PCB board. The quality inspector will conduct a comprehensive inspection on the quality of the PCB after welding. If there are quality defects such as tombstones, continuous welding and open welding, the PCBA patch welding manufacturer will adjust the relevant process parameters, such as screen printing machine printing parameters, paste Installation position, reflow welding parameters, etc., to ensure the welding quality of the PCB board. The process flow of the A side of the PCB board is the same as above.


Key points of manual placement process: 1. PCBA patch welding manufacturers should strictly follow the relevant process documents to repeatedly confirm the position of the posted SMC/SMD on the PCB board; 2. The manual placement process must be in anti-static When placing components on the PCB, stainless steel tweezers or suction pens are generally used to prevent static electricity from damaging the printed circuit board. 3. When PCBA soldering manufacturers place components, they must first confirm whether the components and their corresponding positions are correct (alignment name, model, package, direction and polarity, etc.); The paste components are appropriately pressed into the solder paste (for components with pins, the depth of pressing is generally about half of the thickness of the pins). In addition, PCBA patch welding manufacturers need to protect electrostatic sensitive devices from electrostatic breakdown.

When PCBA chip soldering manufacturers perform manual placement, their placement sequence generally follows the principle of small first, then large, first short, then high, that is, first install small components, and then install large components; Install the short components, and then mount the tall components. In addition, when the number of components on a PCBA is small and the number of PCB boards is less than 5, the PCBA patch welding manufacturer can let one person be responsible for all the components on the entire PCBA, which can save labor costs. , So that the production cost of the entire enterprise has been effectively reduced.