The quality control method of manual placement process in PCB model placement manufacturers
- 2020-04-03-

The quality control method of manual placement process in PCB model placement manufacturers

PCB model patchIn the process of manual mounting by manufacturers, when there are many types of components that need to be mounted, it is prone to mixing materials, resulting in packaged components being misplaced. Because manual placement is different from machine placement, the component stacks are placed during machine placement, and automatic image comparison is performed after the packaging is completed to prevent errors. The manual placement is completely dependent on the skill level of the placement personnel to operate, therefore, the quality of manual placement is quite different. In order to ensure the quality of the manual placement process, PCB sample board manufacturers can control from the following aspects.


In the placement process of PCB prototype placement manufacturers, a reasonable and applicable manual placement process is the guarantee of product quality and efficiency. Like the preparation of the insertion process, the core of the process quality control is to balance the workload of each station. It is controlled from the following aspects: 1. When preparing the manual placement process, the similar components are divided into stations. When the production conditions permit, a certain distance between the stations needs to be maintained, and the similar components must be separated. Stations are allocated; 2. PCB sample board manufacturers can prepare components that are more difficult to place after the preparation of other components. If the types or number of units are large, corresponding procedures should be added to ensure The solder paste can be soldered in a short time after screen printing. At the same time, standardize the placement tools used in each process; 3. For products with special requirements, PCB sample placement manufacturers need to use diagrams or concise text to explain them, so that they can be understood by ordinary workers without ambiguity , And decomposed into the process; 4. The process of each product needs to be controlled by the PDCA method, and the PCB sample board manufacturer must also track the first production process of the product and make timely changes to the unreasonable process.

To sum up, in PCB sample placement manufacturers, the manual placement process is a very important supplement to the machine placement process. The quality control method of hand-mounted products greatly improves the assembly quality of printed circuit board components, and ensures the reliability of the electrical connection of the printed circuit board, so that PCB sample board manufacturers can adapt to the development of micro-assembly technology in electrical assembly demand.