The component placement process of PCB model patch manufacturers
- 2020-03-31-

The component placement process of PCB model patch manufacturers

inPCB model patchAmong manufacturers, the component placement process specifically refers to the installation of the SMC on the fixed position of the PCB under the action of the placement machine. For the production of printed circuit boards, the relevant staff of the manufacturer will program the placement machine in advance. In the process of programming, the program will be compiled in conjunction with the difference in the position of the feeder and the difference in the packaging of components. At the same time, the relevant personnel of the PCB sample board manufacturer will apply this printing under a certain procedure to complete the PCB board mounting components. This link requires a higher degree of accuracy in the preparation of the program. If there is an error in this link, Will greatly affect the normal use of printed circuit boards.


Before mounting the electronic components, the relevant staff will strictly check the height, size and shape of all the electronic components on the board, and then follow the principle of low first, then high to write the placement sequence. Generally, the resistance and capacitance components are mounted first, and then the other components are mounted. Each time a component program is written, it must be packaged. After the current component program is edited, the system It will automatically jump, and then edit the next component program. For this link, PCB sample placement manufacturers will pay attention to the directionality of the components in real time, and place the directional components strictly according to the marked positions of the design drawings.

In addition, during the process of soldering chip components by PCB sample board manufacturers, relevant staff will strictly inspect the flatness and integrity of component pins to ensure that the pins are intact and the soldering process can proceed smoothly. After the component programming operation is completed, the PCB sample board chip manufacturer will start the chip production work to achieve intelligent and automated production.