Introduction to the characteristics of PCB model patch technology
- 2020-03-27-

Introduction to the characteristics of PCB model patch technology

PCB model patchThe technology is actually the SMT surface mount process. The core of the process is that there is no need to drill the PCB, but the surface assembly components are directly soldered to the corresponding position of the PCB, so that the electrical connection of the entire circuit board can be realized under the action of solder. At present, almost all electronic product circuit boards are realized through PCB model patch technology. Let's take a look at the characteristics of this technology.


1. Lower cost. The PCB template patch technology can make the volume of electronic products very small. This is because the use area of ​​SMC in the PCB is relatively small, so that the use area of ​​the entire PCB can also become smaller, so that the production cost of electronic products is reduced. Reduced, and the PCB template patch technology does not need to drill the printed circuit board, reducing its maintenance cost.

2. The PCB template patch technology has strong reliability. Chip components generally have no leads or only have short leads. The quality is relatively light, and the vibration resistance is also very good. The degree of automation is also very high. The combination with the printed circuit board forms a very strong reliability. Placement technology. Normally, the defective solder joint rate of PCB template placement technology will not exceed 10%, which is the mainstream placement technology in the current electronic component market. The main body that has occupied the market;

3. It has good performance. The first is that the PCB template patch technology can increase the data transmission rate and reduce the data transmission delay; the second is the higher density. Compared with plug-in components, mounting components have great advantages in terms of size and weight. Reuse can make the printed circuit board smaller, thereby miniaturizing the product; third, PCB template mounting The film technology is in line with the trend of modern development, and it can perfectly realize automatic production, which can effectively guarantee the quality and production efficiency of the product.