SMT patch proofing equipment working environment requirements
- 2020-09-22-

SMT patch proofing equipment working environment requirements

SMT patch proofingThe equipment is a high-precision mechatronics equipment. The equipment and process materials have certain requirements for the cleanliness, humidity and temperature of the environment. In order to ensure the normal operation and assembly quality of the equipment, the working environment has the following requirements:


1. Power supply. The power supply voltage and power must meet the requirements of SMT patch proofing equipment, and the voltage must be stable. The single-phase AC voltage is 220V (220 (1±10%) V, 50/60Hz), and the three-phase AC voltage is 380V (380 (1 ±10%) V, 50/60Hz). If it does not meet the requirements, a regulated power supply is required, and the power of the power supply must be more than 1 times the power consumption.

2. Compressed air. The execution power of part of the equipment on the SMT patch proofing production line is compressed air. There are at least a few cylinders and solenoid valves on a piece of equipment, and as many as more than 20 cylinders and solenoid valves. The air pressure required by the machine is 0.5MPa. Therefore, the compressed air required to be quoted is 0.6~0.8MPa, and it should enter the machine after dust removal and water removal.

3. Temperature. The best environment temperature is 23℃±3℃. Generally, it is 17°C~28°C. The limit temperature is 15℃~35℃ (the ambient temperature of the printing workshop is 23℃±3℃ is the best). In addition, the storage temperature of solder paste and patch red glue should be 0℃~10℃, and should be stored separately.

4. Relative humidity. It should be controlled within 45%~70%.

5. Working environment. The SMT patch proofing workshop should be kept clean and sanitary, free of dust and corrosive gases. In an air-conditioned environment, there must be a certain amount of fresh air.

6. Anti-static. The SMT patch proofing equipment must be well grounded, and the three-phase five-wire grounding method should be used and grounded independently. The ground, workbench mats, and chairs of the production site should meet the anti-static requirements.

7. Exhaust air. Both reflow soldering and wave soldering equipment have exhaust air requirements.

8. Lighting. There should be good lighting conditions in the workshop, the ideal illuminance is 800~1200lx, at least not less than 300lx.

9. Personnel requirements. The operators of each equipment of the SMT patch proofing production line must be professionally trained and qualified, and must be proficient in the operating procedures of the equipment. Operators should strictly follow the "Safety Technical Operating Regulations" and process requirements.